About Gautam Company

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About Gautam Company : Gautam Company is a solution provider company about online payment gateway system and Training about I.T. in Nepal. It is located in center of Kathmandu, Nepal. It provides different types of services and solution about Paypal, MasterCard, Skrill etc.

  • Paypal Solution in Nepal.
  • How to verify paypal account in Nepal.
  • PayPal for Nepal.
  • How to open paypal account in nepal.
  • Transfer paypal balance.
  • Sell PayPal balance from Nepal.
  • Buy PayPal balance in Nepal.
  • MasterCard Solution in Nepal etc.
  • How to get MasterCard in Nepal.

14 Responses to About Gautam Company

  1. I want to send 2000$ to Baghdad for a friend. Is it possible to send from your PayPal system. Please inform me.
    Ram Khadka

    • gautamcompany says:

      Yes it is possible. For more information please call us.

  2. Anil kumar kushwaha says:


  3. Anil kumar kushwaha says:

    i want this work

  4. abhay says:

    How to apply for online job here in your company ? ? Can i apply from home without visiting your company ? ? if so, i would like to join it….

  5. nabin maharjan says:

    how to join and what types of job we can get? is there any criteria to join in your company?

    • gautamcompany says:

      To join call us on 01-4242911 or visit our office at New ROad, Kathmandu

  6. DIPAK KARKI says:

    how to do this online job ? i dont know please tell me processwise


  7. Parmanand Prasad says:

    i need online job

  8. says:

    what are the courses you give//////////////////

    • says:

      i m from pokhara is it possible to do online job……………………………………………..

      • gautamcompany says:

        yes, it is absolutely possible.. it does not matter where are u from, we will manage it through online internet

    • gautamcompany says:

      we do not teach u courses, u teach u all the tips and tricks of online jobs from which u can earn money without having any special qualities and qualification

  9. rushen chaudhary says:

    best paypal

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